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Chapter 3 Essential Elements of a Holy Union Ceremony

Entering into a Holy Union is a serious, intimate and sacred pronouncement that symbolizes the coming together of two lives. When a couple decides to have a Holy Union ceremony, careful thought, planning and the couple's creativity are required to tailor their ceremony to who they are as individuals and as a couple. The couple is making vows to one another before God and their community of family and friends gathered as witnesses. The couple, in turn, asks the community for their support and blessing in their relationship. Therefore, some essential elements that may be used as a framework on which to build their ceremony might be as follows:

  1. Vows
  2. Asking the community for their support
  3. Blessing of the couple by the community and a community-recognized Presider

This framework, with the addition of religious and cultural traditions, scripture, prayer, Eucharist, other symbols, creates a unique ceremony that presents the couple to their community. These outward demonstrations of commitment to one another as a couple add to the validity and stability of a relationship.