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Chapter 2 Guidelines for Holy Unions

For a Holy Union to be a valid and recognized covenant in the eyes of the DignityUSA community, the individuals planning a Union must meet minimum standards of conduct. These standards of conduct have been expressed in terms of guidelines, which have been established to ensure that each Holy Union conducted within the Dignity community be respectful of both the individuals concerned and the community at large. A Holy Union, conducted within the Dignity community, which has met these guidelines, set forth below, will be considered a valid bond between two individuals and recorded as such in the DignityUSA National Couples Registry.

  • Both members of the couple shall be at least the legal age of consent for marriage in the state in which the ceremony is to be performed.
  • Neither member may be bound by a prior marriage or unresolved commitment. 
  • At least one member of the couple must be an active member of a Dignity chapter. 
  • The couple must inform the chapter leadership of their intention and work with the individuals designated by the chapter for preparation for their Holy Union. 
  • A program of preparation, as determined by the local chapter, will be arranged with the individuals to address the specific needs of the couple. To assist in the development of a chapter program of preparation, the following program of preparation is provided as an example each chapter may use or modify to fit their needs.