Amendments to these Bylaws must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the biennial convention's general membership meeting. Said amendments will be forwarded to all members of record no later than 60 calendar days prior to the biennial convention.

Said amendments will be presented for discussion at the general membership meeting. A summary of discussion will be developed from the record of discussion and this summary will be sent to all Regular Members and Chartered Chapters.

Amendments may be submitted to the National Secretary either by motion of the Board of Directors or by five (5) percent of the Regular Members representing at least 10% of the Chartered Chapters of DIGNITY and shall be certified by the Election Committee.

Within 21 days of the close of the Biennial Convention the Election Committee shall submit to the Regular Members and Chartered Chapters a ballot for the proposed amendment(s) indicating the date of the close of balloting on the ballot. Regular Members and Chartered Chapters shall have 30 days from date of submission of the ballot to return their vote. The Election Committee shall report the results of the balloting to the membership within 21 days of the close of balloting. Two-thirds majority of ballots cast shall be necessary for adoption.