Section 10. Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors shall annually appoint a Nominating Committee, consisting of a minimum of three (3) Regular Members, one of which must be a Director. This committee will seek out the needed talent, skills and leadership qualities within the membership and provide nominations for candidates for election to the Board of Directors. The Committee will facilitate the selection of candidates assuring geographical representation where possible and ensuring that all members have the opportunity to be placed in nomination.

In addition, the Committee will provide to the membership a listing of nominees. The Nominating Committee shall not endorse any candidate for any office.

Section 20. Election Committee

The Board of Directors shall annually appoint an Election Committee, consisting of a minimum of three (3) Regular Members. No current Board member seeking election or Regular Member seeking election may serve on the Election Committee. The term of office of the Committee will end Sept. 30th annually or continue until the completion of any election that is in process. This committee will oversee the national elections/voting process including, but not limited to, verifying petitions for elections and recall, transmittal of ballots and tabulation of results.

A. Method of Voting

All national elections and membership balloting will be conducted by mail or other equivalent method.

B. Eligibility

All Regular Members whose start of membership is at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of balloting shall have the right to vote according to the rules established in these Bylaws.

All Chartered Chapters chartered at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of balloting shall have the right to vote according to the rules established in these Bylaws.

C. Election

The Board of Directors shall annually establish the dates for the election of Member-elected Directors and said elections shall be held 3-6 months prior to the close of the fiscal year.

The Election Committee shall receive all ballots and upon close of balloting, shall certify all ballots and determine the outcome of each vote. A plurality of votes cast is necessary for election unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws. Upon completion of balloting the Election Committee shall have 45 days to notify members of the results unless a shorter period is required by these Bylaws.

D. Recall of a Director

A Director may be removed from office for 'cause'. 'Cause' shall be any conduct or action on the part of a Director considered in violation of the Statement of Position and Purpose, these Bylaws or contrary to the best interest of DIGNITY.

The action of recall shall occur according to the procedures established by the Board of Directors and in accordance with the following:

1. Written Complaint

A written complaint stating 'cause', as defined above, and requesting the recall of a Director/Officer shall be submitted to the National Secretary either by vote of the Board of Directors or by five (5) percent of the Regular Members representing at least 10% of the Chartered Chapters of DIGNITY.

2. Suspension of Director/Officer

Pending the resolution of the complaint, the Board of Directors, by two-thirds vote, shall have the right to suspend the Director/Officer until completion of the Recall process.

3. Process of Recall Vote

Within 21 days of the receipt of a recall motion and certification of the complaint by the National Secretary, the Election Committee shall submit to the Regular Members and Chartered Chapters a ballot for recall indicating the date of the close of balloting on the ballot. Members and Chartered Chapters shall have 30 days from date of submission of the ballot to return their vote. The Election Committee shall report the results of the balloting to the membership within 21 days of the close of balloting. Two-thirds majority of ballots cast shall be necessary for adoption of a recall motion.

If there is a regular election scheduled within 120 days of receipt of the aforementioned motion, the Board of Directors may direct the Election committee to submit this ballot with the ballot for the regular National Election.

E. Ballot Information

Candidate statements for elections or pro and con statements on all other ballot issues shall be included with all ballots.