You Are Fabulous!

by Jim Smith, Associate Director of DignityUSA

A BIG thanks to all who responded to our invitation to post your family photo with testimony for our “Fabulous Families of Dignity” series! Every day during the bishops’ October Synod on the Family, we featured on Facebook at least one family photo with answer to the question “How is God present in my family?”

At the close of this Facebook series, we created a post featuring a frame of our families with a statement superimposed over an image of St. Peter’s Basilica. Just 16 hours after the post was put up on our Facebook page, and as this article is written, that post had been viewed by almost 4,000 people, and the post had so far been shared 41 times. That means we’re getting around!

You may be aware that there was openness among some prelates participating in the synod to suggest that gay couples can reveal precious value in their committed love. This “admission” is a breakthrough for these bishops.

Of course we have long known of this precious value, along with many Catholics. We know the truth and beauty of our loves and lives. We know we create “family” in the fullest sense of that word. And a big reason why Dignity exists, why our members support DUSA with time, talent, and treasure, is to give witness to our truth with clarity, with courage, and with conviction.

May God continue to bless the fabulous families of Dignity!