We Are All Bostonians

By Lewis Speaks-Tanner, DignityUSA Vice President

The week of April 15 was surreal. New York and Washington, DC know all too well what terror is like. Boston has just suffered tremendously. In Boston, Patriot’s Day is usually a wonderful day off for many. It is also the day that the Red Sox play in Fenway Park and the Boston Marathon occurs. This marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon, where amateur and professional runners have to qualify in order to participate. Families and friends cheer as their loved ones run the hilly terrain of eight Massachusetts cities and towns.

As we now know, 2:50 pm is when the terror struck. Lives were changed in so many ways. Telecommunications were overburdened as friends and family tried to determine whether their loved ones were okay. Daily routines were altered while we waited for more leads and the capture of those who committed violence.

Immediately after the blasts, people sprang into action to care and comfort. Citizens, medical professionals, and law enforcement worked together to begin healing the physical and emotional scars that were left behind. Throughout the week, there have been numerous stories of neighbor helping neighbor, and citizens working with law enforcement to solve the case. As a nation, we watched everything unfold.

A recent gospel passage comes to mind in which Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves him. After answering positively, Jesus commands Peter to feed his lambs, and tend and feed his sheep. We are called to be Christ to one another. We are called to build our community up not tear it down. We are All Bostonians.