Visit the proposed new

By Logan Bear, Technology Services Manager

DignityUSA’s website,, is changing.  The Website Redesign Team has built a website based upon input of the DignityUSA community and the technology now available.  The new site is designed to support desktops, laptops, and tablets, as well as smart phones, so you can access it your way. The site is more community oriented, more people oriented.  With a new structure and new services, the new website hopes to be a place where people will congregate and communicate, as well as share activities and stories with the rest of the DignityUSA community.

Now it’s your turn.  The Team needs your input – the site is built for the DignityUSA community.  So, please look at the new proposed site at http://beta.dignityusa.orgSign up and discover new ways to interact with the DignityUSA community.  Learn more about DignityUSA in the Get Information section.  Post your activities and learn what others can and are doing in the Take Action section.  Talk to each other in the Join the Conversation area.  There’s even a place there for your feedback.

The Website Redesign Team is looking for your input.  The website belongs to the DignityUSA community, so please let us know where we succeeded and what additional changes you want for the new See you all at