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A Special Note from DignityUSA President Lewis Speaks-Tanner

October 29, 2016:  This week, our Executive Director, Marianne Duddy-Burke, was part of an assembly of Church reformers that brought together lay leaders, women religious, and priests from 11 countries, four continents, and five languages. In two weeks, she will be one of two US representatives to the meeting of International Movement We Are Church in Rome. In both circles, she is the only openly LGBTQ person there specifically charged with raising our concerns and witnessing to our gifts. See her thoughts on the first gathering in this mailing.

While in Rome, Marianne will be delivering the Reflection at a memorial for the victims of the Pulse shooting and other victims of anti-LGBTQ violence sponsored by LGBT Catholic groups in Italy. She will also be meeting with officials at the US Embassy to the Holy See.

We are very proud that the international Church is increasingly embracing its LGBTQ members and our families, and of the role DignityUSA has played, and will continue to play. We took seriously your charge from our 2015 Seattle convention about international concerns, and have made this work a priority. We ask for your prayers for these efforts, and for Marianne's travels. We also ask you to show your support for these initiatives with a financial gift. Your contribution of any amount can be made at our donation page. You can also use this link to join DignityUSA, so Marianne will carry your voice.

Thank you for your support!