News from Dignity/Washington

Dignity/Washington Hosted Noted Scholar/Author on Human Sexuality

On Saturday, April 25, Dignity/Washington hosted its final speaker in its 2014-2015 Lecture Series with Dr. Gilles Herrada who presented on Homosexuals and the Church in the 21st Century:  How To Transcend Two Thousand Years of Mutual Incomprehension. Drawing on his recent award-winning book The Missing Myth:  A New Vision of Same-Sex Love, he spoke about his transdisciplinary research on the evolution of sexuality, science, and myth, and articulated an integrated vision on how best to understand the evolution of symbolic realities in human culture. Sounds obtuse?  Far from it:  it was a fascinating ride. Dr. Herrada has worked at Columbia and Harvard Universities and has published in top scientific journals. Dignity/Washington was honored to feature his talk. For more information, please visit his websites: and

Dignity/Washington at Annual DC Youth Pride Festival

Dignity/Washington’s Young Adult Group drew awareness to our community at this year’s DC Youth Pride Festival held on Saturday, May 2 at Dupont Circle. They reported enthusiastic responses from those who dropped by to satisfy their curiosity about how one could be Catholic and LGBTQ, or just to spend a fun afternoon with our representatives. Is that Martin Witchger, Alexander Martone and Ruth Ellen Shipps leading the Electric Shuffle?

Dignity/Washington Joins Rally at the US Supreme Court

The morning of Tuesday, April 28, witnessed a phenomenally diverse and festive gathering of demonstrators in front of the US Supreme Court Building as the Justices were hearing oral arguments inside on marriage equality and state recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states where they are legal. Dignity/Washington members made certain that their view in favor of these issues was represented in the crowd.

Baptism Was a Grace-Filled Easter Event for Dignity/Washington

On the Sunday after Easter, April 12, Dignity/Washington was pleased to welcome into the community of the Catholic faith Luna Isabella, the infant daughter of proud parents Joana and Leti. . Please accept our warm congratulations and assurances of our community’s continuing support and prayers as together we all journey in faith and love to become fully mature in Christ’s Spirit.