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Membership Renewals

Starting in October, renewal notices will go out via email. Members may receive up to three notices at renewal time: two months before the anniversary date, a month after the anniversary, and two months after the anniversary.

For example, if your renewal is January 2017, your first notice will arrive in November 2016, the second in February 2017, and the third in March 2017.

When you click the link in the renewal notice, you will be sent to the DignityUSA Join/Renew online form, with your name and address already entered. All you need to do is add your credit card information. And now, you can set up your membership to auto-renew annually.Members who do not have email will still receive notice by snail mail.

Why renew your membership? Membership means:

  • Standing up and being counted as a Catholic committed to justice and equality for LGBTQ people.
  • Dignity is visible as a major advocate for LGBTQ equality in the church and beyond.

Your support means that national and state officials can hear a different Catholic voice, one that affirms and defends the inherent Dignity of all God’s children.

Please renew! Thank you for your support.