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Me?  On the DignityUSA Board? 

By Marie Sweeney, DignityUSA Board Member

A little over a year ago, someone approached me requesting that I consider running for the DignityUSA board. I was flattered but sure the board didn't need me. After praying about it, I realized the passion I know for Dignity’s work could be channeled in a new way. The problem was that I didn't have skills in business, marketing, fundraising, etc. that were sought. I have a rich lived faith experience, a passion for inclusion, and a willingness to communicate the work and mission of DignityUSA. Another thing that the board needed was the perspective of our allies, and that's me!  I didn't realize that, however, until I started talking to other Dignity members, especially other board members.  My big reservation was time, because I have a special-needs brother in another state. Much of the board’s work is done online, so it can be done from almost anywhere. The "work" is better described as "service," and there always seems to be enough time to serve.

If you have passion for the mission of DignityUSA, have gratitude for the Catholic voice Dignity provides for the majority of US Catholics in all matters GLBTQI, and have a desire to collaborate with other volunteer servants, don't even wait to be asked. Ask some of your Dignity friends, but only those who can be honest with you, how they think your gifts might be used for the Dignity movement. And if someone asks you about board service, for heaven’s sake, consider it!  The board works, of course, but it also laughs, and members genuinely care for one another. Serving for me is not a burden, but the opportunity of a lifetime. To explore DignityUSA board membership further, contact any board member you already know. If needed, they can also direct you to others on the Nominations Committee.

Join us in Dallas!

The Board of DignityUSA welcomes all our members to join us for our Spring Board Meeting from February 26-28 at the Dallas Fort Worth Hilton Garden Inn South in Dallas, Texas. The meeting will begin at Friday February  26  at 6:30 pm and will be held in the Magnolia room of the hotel.  Board meetings are held monthly via conference call, excepting three face-to-face meetings. 

“We look forward to sharing Eucharist and getting to know each local community,” says Lewis Speaks-Tanner, DignityUSA Board President. Board meetings are a great opportunity to learn about the local, national and international work of our movement and we invite our members to join us and learn about the exciting work of Dignity.

Your Board is committed to connecting with Chapters, Faith Communities and Members throughout the country and eagerly seeks to meet our members. In 2016, we will be visiting Dignity Communities in Dallas, Texas, Boston Massachusetts and Indianapolis Indiana.   Watch for upcoming Board meetings hosted in your region!  For more information, please contact Bob Butts, Secretary, DignityUSA.