Marriage Equality Justice Work To Be Recognized in Convention’s Opening Ceremonies

By Jim Smith, DignityUSA Program Manager

Thirty. That's the number of states that put before voters a marriage amendment that would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. All 30 states passed the amendment, until November 7, 2012! That day, the citizens of Minnesota voted "No" to enshrining this limit in their constitution. It was a breathtaking moment in the wee hours of November 8 when the final votes were tallied. Joy ensued, lasting days, weeks, even months. This victory was no miracle. It was the result of months of work by thousand of allies committed to justice.

For over a year prior to the election, the main Minnesota campaign to defeat the amendment engaged people of faith at all levels in its strategy. Dignity/Twin Cities, DignityUSA, and Catholics for Marriage Equality Minnesota were constant partners in efforts to inspire and mobilize Catholics across the state. But nearly every denomination and faith were represented in the push, and collaborated with each other in many ways. The most popular mantra that religious folk proclaimed loud and clear was, “It is not despite our faith that we oppose this amendment, but because of our faith!”

If you attend the joyful opening ceremonies of Dignity's 2013 Convention in Minneapolis, you'll see some of those people of faith processing in the Parade of Banners. People of all faith stripes are being invited to accept our gratitude and honor for the work of love and justice in which they participated. At the ceremony and throughout the Convention, we'll also be inspired to continue moving forward. These words of Martin Luther King, Jr. give us hope: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." And to prove that this is true, there must always be those who are committed to the bending. See you in Minneapolis!