Help Needed to Enhance Rainbow of DignityUSA Board of Directors

Help Needed to Enhance Rainbow of DignityUSA Board of Directors

The DignityUSA Board of Directors tries to make decisions, set direction based on the entire Dignity Movement. We recognize that our cultural heritages, language groups, races, locations as well as sexual orientation, identity and expression need to have a voice at this table. Currently our Rainbow of diversity needs some enhancement. Will you help?

What’s needed? Are you a DignityUSA member who has passion about respecting and advocating for LGBTQI inclusion, a commitment to justice within the church and society, and a lived faith experience that nourishes this work? These were the primary resonances I recognized in myself when I was asked to consider service on DignityUSA Board of Directors. Anyone can read the job description of the Board of Directors; and if you’re considering serving, this is important. We need folks with professional experience in areas like law, administration, public speaking, personnel issues, etc. But that’s not what is essential. I had only public speaking, and pastoral and collaborative working experience to bring, but no significant business skills. One reason I was approached for board service was to provide some input from the ally members within DignityUSA. My life perspective as well as skills have been called upon, and I offer them with gratitude. The most important board qualification is an internal, abiding faith that leads to working for full LGBTQI inclusion. And we need a Rainbow of experiences to do this. The board needs diverse voices representing the full range of cultural, language, and sexual diversity so that the DignityUSA leadership reflects the entire rainbow of our Movement. We celebrate young voices along with the wise voices of lived experience. We seek board members that ‘shine from sea to shining sea’ to reflect the geographical reach of the Movement across the entire USA. We celebrate the range of diversity within DignityUSA and want that diversity clearly represented on the Board.

Several of us have recognized a sense that “This is my time. I’ve received so much from the work of DignityUSA. Now it’s my time.” If this sense, or any of the above descriptors resonates with you, visit to find board members’ job description and a self-nomination form. Should you want to talk this through with someone, any member of the current board (found on the ‘People’ tab of the DignityUSA home page) is available. You might also approach former board members from the past ten years or so who can provide a sense of board commitments and collaboration. We’ll be receiving nominations until 15 April.

Not the time for you right now? Then who do you know who would be a great addition to DignityUSA leadership? Who would bring a different perspective? Let them know that they have your support, and encourage them to consider running. Sometimes a person just needs a nudge. Contribute to leadership in the way that fits you now. Help us enhance our Rainbow.

Marie Sweeney, Current DignityUSA Board Member