Gearing up for Convention 2015

Dignity/Boston members are gearing up for the Convention in Seattle this July. Sunday, March 15, after liturgy, members enjoyed a supper of pizza and dessert, while some shared memories of past conventions. Previous attendees discussed touring sites before and after conventions, workshops attended, and, as one member put it, seeing extended family members we didn't know we had.

Following supper, members enjoyed a game of Seattle-inspired Word Bingo. To make it more challenging, the caller read questions for members to answer in order to put their buttons on the correct word. Do you know who the first female mayor of Seattle was? Or the roughest town west of the Mississippi? Boston folks do now. (Answers: Bertha Landes--and Seattle has not had a female mayor since; Aberdeen).

To end the evening, members were challenged to match previous convention themes with cities and year held. Door prizes, such as gift certificates for Amazon and Starbucks, were given to the winners.

A good time was had by all. See you soon in Seattle: home to Costco, Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier and many other interesting spots.