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DignityUSA Board Election 2016

We are pleased to announce the newly elected members of the DignityUSA Board of Directors:

  • Lauren Carpenter
  • Linda Roberts
  • Allen Rose
  • Patty Stricker

Congratulations to our newly elected Board members.

On May 9, 2016 electronic and paper ballots were sent to 948 DignityUSA members. There were four positions open on the Board. On May 10 there was a candidate’s forum which was available for review during the election season. Ballots needed to be completed by midnight on June 23.

482 members and chapters/faith communities cast ballots. 403 (49%) of the original 812 emailed ballots were returned and 54 (40%) of the mailed ballots were returned.

Frank D’Amore from Dignity/Detroit chaired the Election Committee this year. We are grateful for Frank’s work and leadership, as well as for Chris Cappiello’s advice and counsel.

Thank you for voting.