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Dignity/Houston Is Moving

Beginning January 9, 2016, Dignity/Houston will hold its regular Saturday liturgy at The Havens @ St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 1827 West Alabama, Houston, TX 77098. As usual, our Liturgy will begin at 5:30 pm. As Dignity/Houston President Larry Lutz states, "St. Stephen's is a warm, welcoming church,long a supporter of the many LGBTQ+ people who make up its congregation, located in the heart of the Montrose. Starting with the intrepid Rev. Helen Havens (namesake of The Havens Center), first female Rector in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, and continuing with the current Rector, the Rev. Lisa Hunt, St. Stephen’s has been an ardent supporter of issues near and dear to our hearts.

"In some ways, moving to St. Stephen’s is a bit like coming home for us. Current and former members of DignityHouston are part of St. Ste phen’s congregation as are many disaffected LGBTQ+ Catholics. Rector Hunt has been truly accommodating to our Roman Catholic needs, even to the point of offering the use of her sanctuary for our services. (We prefer the use of The Havens for our interactional Liturgy.) She has obtained permission from Episcopal Bishop Andrew Doyle to perform same-sex marriages for Roman Catholics who are unable to be married in their own Catholic Church."

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