From the Depths of Our Souls to the Ends of the Earth

​by Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues
President, DignityUSA

The days are getting longer, the light in the horizon produced by the setting of the sun lingers, and the sky embraces more shades of blue, orange, pink, and purple than has been possible in the last 6 months. Spring is indeed in the air, and for those of us who have survived a long and brutal winter, a very welcome change of season. Together with the new greeting of nature, our souls are ready for the light, the creation of something new, the resurrection of life and the conquest of death. The bells are ringing loudly and the alleluias are resounding in big cathedrals, in small chapels, and in communities all over the world. It is Easter, and we rejoice.

The breadth and width of God's love in the personhood of Jesus, a redemptive love for the whole world and a personal love for each and every person, is at the core of what we believe and what we profess every time we gather together as a community of faith. Jesus, with every act of his public life, has invited each of us not only to believe and embrace the Resurrection but to live all that Resurrection is.

The responsibility of the belief in the Resurrection is not lost on us. With every alleluia we sing, we faithfully embrace the light, but we also take the risk that comes with living the life that Jesus calls us to, what he promises us, and what only he can deliver here and in eternal life. We cannot remain passive witnesses to this life-changing event narrated to us in the Gospels. Dignity has heard the call loud and clear: go, tell it on the mountain.

Our work on building a church for all, our witness to the holy and whole lives of LGBT Catholics, our fight for the right to marry, our voice against the firing of Catholic LGBT workers, our invitation to women as equal workers and ministers in the vineyard, our embrace of faithful Catholics excluded from our church, our outreach to disenfranchised Catholics from all walks of life, our denunciation of abuses of the hierarchy against children and LGBT persons worldwide, our affirmation of the beauty of our sexuality and spirituality, comes from our belief in the personhood of Jesus,- his life and his Resurrection. We believe, and because we believe, we act in prophetic witness to the truth.

Let us profoundly rejoice this Easter, from the depths of our souls, and may our work reach the ends of the earth.