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Cardinal Sins Ride Again

Dignity/Boston’s cycling and crew team, the Cardinal Sins, again put its heart, soul, time, and money into raising funds for four HIV/AIDS organizations in the Harbor to the Bay ride, Saturday, September 20, 2014.

The team’s eight cyclists rode their bikes from Boston to Provincetown (126 miles), or from the Sagamore Bridge (the entrance to Cape Cod) to Provincetown (68 miles) raising $14,662.00, and the ride was supported by 23 Cardinal Sins crew members, fulfilling almost every job from staffing pit stops, driving support vehicles, logistics, and year round planning and leadership on the steering committee. 100% of the funds raised went directly to the organizations for prevention, education, treatment, and research.

When the ride was completed, organizers announced the fundraising totals by team. Dignity/Boston, with approximately 100 members, and approximately one third of its community participating as riders or crew, came in ahead of a Fortune 500 bank.

The sun shone on Cardinal Sins cyclists Julia Spiegelman, Erina Donnelly, Glenda Santos and Jon Schum.

Crew member Robin Eriksen found a novel way to raise more than $1300 for Harbor to the Bay. She challenged family, friends, and neighbors to support the cause and in return, for reaching her goal, she would promise to wear a dress to church every Sunday in October (not her usual churchgoing attire.) Robin Eriksen (left) with Cardinal Sins crew captain Matt McNeff, who organized Dignity/Boston’s management of Pit Stop 5.