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2016 Pride Appeal Success!

Through the efforts of the DignityUSA staff, Board Members and many of our members/supporters, we are excited to announce that as of July 1, 2016, the 2016 Pride Appeal has raised $7,300. This level of support represents one of the most significant fundraising efforts in recent DignityUSA history and confirms many supporters' belief in DignityUSA's mission and voice.

"I'm pretty overwhelmed by the depth and expanse of our supporters' response to this appeal," said Chris Pett, Board Member and chair of the Development Committee. "This level of financial support magnifies our resolve to be the go-to voice and advocates of LGBTQ Catholics and people of good faith. As we continue to mourn the devastating events in Orlando, our continued existence ensures safe space for LGBTQ people who are seeking to reconcile and nurture their spirituality, sexual and gender identity, and relationships."