Seven reasons illustrate the role social justice plays in Catholic support for Marriage Equality (M.E.):

  1. The majority of Catholics recognize that love makes a family, not gender. This is in accord with Catholic theologians’ thought.
  2. Not to have M.E. is discriminatory, and “my faith is against discrimination.”
  3. I support M.E. because I want to protect children.
  4. Many support the protection of couples with all benefits of societal rights. This is especially the case if the Catholic asked has LGBT relatives.
  5. M.E. helps develop strong families and a better society.
  6. Church should not dictate public policy for all people. M.E. is an issue of civil marriage, not religious marriage.
  7. Some Catholics are not on-board with LGBTs, but “I as a Catholic believe in equality and fairness, which should be in place for all people.

    Frank DeBernardo in
    New Ways Ministry present forums on Marriage Equality throughout the Country


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