The great Italian poet Dante said, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of moral crisis remain neutral.”  Dignity cannot remain true to its Statement of Position and Purpose and remain silent on issues of great concern to the women of our Church:  full inclusion in all the sacraments of the Church.  Today, this is increasingly being realized through the “valid but illicit” ordination of women as priests.  As I write this, communities of women religious are under investigation by Rome. They largely perceive this as hostile.

The repression of the feminine (misogyny) is a key source of this theological dysfunction. It is at the core of the shaming of homosexuality and the exclusion of women from ordination.  Women have been our allies in the last 40 years as we have fought for our full inclusion.  They need our support and welcome now.  DignityUSA suffers from what the Church does—under-representation of the feminine perspective.  We are 80% male.  We all recognize the problem.  We all lament the lack of women, but we keep doing the same things. It is past time to do something different.

DignityUSA President Mark Matson in
"DignityUSA Adopts More Inclusie Mission Statement"

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