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Dignity-Integrity/Rochester Responds to New York Roman Catholic Bishops’ Opposition to Same-sex Marriage Bill

Rochester NY—In the midst of Rochester’s annual celebration of Pride, it is particularly frustrating that the Roman Catholic Bishops of New York State have tried to negate the source of our pride yet again.  A few weeks ago they published an article in every Sunday bulletin in the diocese, “Catholics decry same-sex bill” (Catholic Courier, July 14/15, 2007), encouraging the faithful to write their State Assembly Representatives, thanking those who voted against A.8590 which would establish Equal Marriage Rights in New York State and chastising those who voted to support the rights of same-sex couples, our relationships and our families.

This is yet another example of our religious leaders failing to listen to the lived faith experiences of the people.  Purporting to preserve some objective moral order, they close their ears to the stories that would challenge their comfortable certitude and would deepen their understanding of the human person fully considered.  Desiring to advance the common good, they close their eyes to the moral obligation to uphold the rights of a marginalized minority—the very ones whom Jesus always included, even when it created scandal and brought condemnation from the establishment.

We, the Community Council of Dignity-Integrity/Rochester, agree that “as citizens, Catholics should always make their voices heard to their elected representatives,” and we call upon all those who are faithful to the social gospel to counter this organized effort to negate the source of our pride:  our dignity as human persons and the integrity of our loving commitments and our families.

Dignity-Integrity/Rochester is a small faith community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexed persons, our families and friends, worshiping in the Roman Catholic and Episcopal traditions since 1975, who boldly proclaim our truth:  that without our participation the Good News rings hollow.  585-234-5092 info-line;