As mentioned above, the USCCB proposed guidelines have drawn a fair amount of media coverage. What follows in this section of the DATELINE are various responses, including comments from Sam Sinnett, President, DignityUSA.

In concluding paragraphs of the article “Bishops Form Rules for Ministry to Gays,” by Rachell Zoll, AP Religion Writer, 10/18/2006, Sam Sinnett said it was clear the document was prepared “by none of us for whom it is intended.” “They speak in willful ignorance about people in same-gender families. They speak in willful ignorance about homosexuality — sexuality in general,” Sinnett said. “They are continuing to discriminate against us.”

In a Boston Globe article, “Catholic bishops to define gay stance: Proposal would condemn “hatred” but reject unions,” by Michael Paulson, October 19, 2006, Sam Sinnett said the document “will be discussed entirely by celibate males, and their viewpoint is more concerned with keeping their jobs than being pastoral leaders.”