At a gathering outside of Chicago over the weekend of September 27-29, 2013, Women-Church Convergence celebrated its 30th anniversary with reflection, prayer, theater, and music. Marianne Duddy-Burke represented DignityUSA, which has been a member of the Convergence since soon after its founding. Representatives from twenty different groups, from local feminist liturgy groups to national organizations, reflected on the Convergence’s her-story and accomplishments, remembered past members, and considered the group’s work in the months and years ahead. As a special Anniversary treat, retiring facilitator Donna Quinn arranged for a special performance of “The Conscience Monologues,” a project of the 8th Day Center that powerfully dramatizes the stories of Catholic women struggling with issues of doctrine and conscience.

Women-Church Convergence members recommitted themselves to the importance of focusing on the needs of women and dependent children, and reaffirmed the need for opportunities to connect, share, and build communities among Catholic-rooted feminist groups and individuals.