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Queer Catholic Faith Series: Upcoming Interactive Webshows

Beyond Dignity conventions, how do we come together as a community of communities? How do we make room for non-members and members in a welcoming environment? How do we deepen our identity as a community hungry for spiritual growth? And how do we ride the wave of techno-digital advancement to help us meet these goals?

The answer: Queer Catholic Faith (QCF)!

In 2011, we introduced QCF as a live, web-based show in which members and non-members could participate with a few mouse-clicks, and from the cozy comfort of their home. The hour-long QCF show features a new guest each month, offering a uniquely intimate view into a guest’s spiritual journey, convictions, and passions. Throughout the hour, attendees can chat with each other, and following the formal 30 minute interview, attendees can ask questions for the guest via the chat box.

People log in from all over the country and from several places in Canada. Some Dignity chapters gather in groups to watch and participate together. From Honolulu to Miami to Vancouver to rural Indiana, the response to the form and content of these shows has been very popular.

So third season of QCF launches! We’ve filled our first seven months, beginning October, and are excited to introduce the line-up. All shows air on Tuesdays, 9:00PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific, and all shows are recorded and put on the DUSA website for those who missed it live or wish to view again. Attendance is free.

Registering only takes a few seconds. Join us in our Live QCF interactive webshows!

October 22, 2013 World Youth Day Pilgrims will give us an up-close and personal account of young adult attitudes they encountered with regard to LGBT dignity. You may be surprised by what you hear. No recording available
November 26, 2013 Dr. Richard Gaillardetz, President of the Theological Society of America, will bring a dynamism in this QCF conversation on conscience, assent, the Pope, Theology of the Body, and more. He'll also share how those views are informed by his experience as a parent of a gay son. See link to recording below
December 17, 2013 How do you sustain and grow your Dignity chapter community? Chapter members from San Diego will illustrate what has worked for them, and what the challenges are moving forward.  No recordingavailable
February 18, 2014 Nikki Young sent attendees out of her Dignity convention break-out session feeling wowed and empowered to not hide their light under bushel baskets! Be empowered by this interview to tell your stories of love and justice with power. Recording available soon
March 18, 2014 Mateo Williamson shows how faith, intellect and transgender identity happily share the same pew! This young man will inform our minds and form our hearts through his incrediblespirit. Learn more & Register
April 22, 2014 Hear how author Joe Gentilini came to write his honest, compelling memoir of coming to terms with his sexuality, his faith and his vocation as gay spouse, and get an inside look at his most compelling content. Joe is also a member of Dignity/Columbus. Stay tuned!


Experience just some of our previous shows, below:

Dr. Richard Gaillardetz: Sexual ethics, women's ordination, conscience, Pope Francis, loving and supporting a gay son, all these and more are part of this engaging conversation. View Recording
Jamie Manson picture Jamie Manson: Jamie Manson is spiritual director, sought-after national speaker, provocative writer and prophet all rolled into one woman of deep faith. View Recording
Hilary Howes Picture Hilary Howes: This amazing transgender Catholic woman has a story to tell! Hilary transitioned after she married and had a child, and she and her family weave a journey of tremendous faith, fidelity and integrity. View Recording
John McNeill picture John McNeill: In the early days of the gay liberation movement, John offered prophetic witness as an out-gay Roman Catholic priest, and remains a prophet of transformative spirituality. This theologian and author is the subject of a new documentary film “Taking a Chance on God”. View Recording
Mary E Hunt: Offering an expansive mind and heart in all she does, this Catholic theologian is a leader in the women-church movement and is co-founder and co-director of WATER: Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual. View Recording