Celebrate a Living Church


July 28 to August 1, 1993


Jim Bussen


Mary Spring

Major Speakers

Bob Goss, Rev. Carter Heyward, Virginia Hoffman, Brian McNaught, and Annie Sprinkle/Joe Kramer of Body Electric

Registration Fee

$225 (Early) $250 (Regular)


Fairmont Hotel



National Officers Elected

  • Marianne Duddy, Boston, President
  • Terry Mischel, Denver, Vice President


  • The President nominates and the Board approves Ben Boerkoel, Secretary and Bob Miailovich, Washington, DC, Treasurer.
  • Dignity goes on record supporting "a renewed priestly ministry" in the Roman Catholic Church, affirming ordination of both women and men, including openly gay, lesbian and bisexual persons, regardless of marital or partnered status.
  • The final structure of seven new regions as proposed by the Restructuring Task Force is adopted. The new regions are New England, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, Midwest, Mountain/Plains, and Pacific.
  • The HOD approves a process of consultation throughout Dignity on possible changes to our Statement of Position and Purpose prior to the 1995 House of Delegates meeting in Los Angeles.
  • Boston is selected as the host for the 1997 convention.
  • National dues are raised from $20 to $35 effective October 1, 1993.
  • New Orleans motorcycle police lead a Mardi Gras parade during the Bal Masque.
  • Fr. Tom receives the first annual Michael Bushek award for service and devotion to the work of Dignity.