The following history is based on the commemorative booklet entitled DignityUSA at 25: A Chronology, 1969-1994 compiled by former DignityUSA President Pat Roche. Copies are available from the Dignity national office and were also printed in the Dignity Journal 27:2-3 (Autumn 1995). Highlights from 1995-Present compiled by former Dignity Vice President Pat McArron.

  • On January 10, the DignityUSA Board of Directors holds a conference call to review the first quarter list of priorities from the DignityUSA strategic plan.

  • After more than 25 years in a one room efficiency apartment, the National Board approves moving the national office into a larger suite in the same building.

  • DignityUSA participates at National Religious Leadership Roundtable Event in Boston on March 9–10.

  • DignityUSA launches secure online payment options for memberships and donations as of March 24.

  • The Board of Directors of DignityUSA gathers in Washington, DC, April 16-18 for their quarterly meeting.

  • Dignity/Sarasota (FL), is granted full charter chapter status by the DignityUSA Board of Directors.

  • Joseph Giordano resigns from the DignityUSA Board of Directors and as Treasurer, as of the end of May. A volunteer is sought to take his place.

  • DignityUSA Marketing Committee launches national ad campaign in June. The committee, headed by Tom Streeper, Lewis Tanner, Marty Grochala, Chuck Provancher and Matthew Gallagher, launches the campaign to create awareness and "Amplify the Voice of DignityUSA" across the country. The campaign is aimed at combating the violence GLBT people feel from the Vatican, supporting the marriage debate taking place across the country, and providing a picture of what a loving GLBT Catholic family looks like. The "DignityUSA Calls It Love" campaign, celebrating GLBT families, includes national advertising in the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) and The Advocate, local and regional ads, as well as Dignity chapter-sponsored advertising and Gay Pride event booths and displays.

  • DignityUSA conducts the first of three membership meetings entitled “We Must Speak Our Truth” in Washington, DC, June 5–6, 2004, hosted by Dignity/Washington and Dignity/Northern Virginia. Guest speaker is Chrissy Gephardt, daughter of Congressman Richard Gephardt, of Missouri. She shares her coming-out story and talks about how we should speak our truth about who we are, which is the theme for the weekend. After her presentation, she takes questions from those present, then joins the group for lunch.

  • The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) requests DignityUSA to participate in an important national consultation on men who have sex with men (MSM), to address the rising increase in numerous health issues, especially the elevated level of the spread of Syphilis and new HIV/AIDS cases among MSMs. The CDC invites DignityUSA to the gathering in Atlanta, GA on July 1 because it recognizes DignityUSA's expertise to speak for members of the GLBT community from a faith perspective, and the ability to reach a number of gay men throughout its membership. Fr. Tom, chairman, DignityUSA's National AIDS Project, represents DignityUSA.