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Dignity/Denver’s Transgender Day of Remembrance

By Shari Miller, Vice-President, Dignity/Denver

Dignity/Denver held its Third Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Liturgy on Sunday, November 16th, 2008. This moving event originally came about because one of our members knew someone on the list who was being memorialized. That person was a 24-year old Hispanic woman who was murdered with a shotgun inside her own apartment. She was a gentle soul murdered because she was gender-variant.

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Denver Archbishop Forbids Priests to Say Mass for Gays

August 9, 2000 — In a letter to the provincials of a number of religious orders active in the Denver area, Archbishop Charles Chaput has asked the leadership to "remove" members of their order "from ministry to homosexual persons immediately." The letter specifically mentions celebration of Mass for Dignity/Denver, which meets at a Presbyterian church.

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