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Dignity is honored to host the President of the Theological Society of America and Professor of Theology at Boston College to our November 26th QCF, Dr. Richard Gaillardetz. A dynamic presenter, Gaillardetz also has a gay son. He speaks as Catholic theologian and as a parent.

November 26, 9:00PM Eastern, 8:00PM Central, 7:00PM Mountain, 6:00PM Pacific

What does it really mean to follow your informed conscience? What's the real revolution Pope Francis might inspire? How does a high-publicity Catholic theologian who's also the parent of a gay son reconcile his faith and beliefs? What do you want to ask this guy? Richard Gaillardetz will keep you on your toes as he applies solid theology within the real lives of people. Don't miss it. Attendance is free. 

November 26th, 2013 9:00 PM