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Some Practical Things to Do This World AIDS and Beyond

  • Schedule a candlelight service of remembrance for those affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Have a service of healing for those living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers.
  • Observe a moment of silence during worship for those who have died of AIDS.
  • During liturgy pray for people infected with HIV, those living with AIDS, and family and friends who are affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Distribute HIV/AIDS Fact sheets and red ribbons for the Sunday before World AIDS Day.
  • Invite those living with HIV/AIDS to share their stories.
  • Have Chapter members become involved with a local AIDS group to provide meals, transportation, shelter, companionship or other services to people living with AIDS.
  • Start a spiritual support group for persons impacted by HIV including: family members, persons infected, care givers, siblings.
  • Write a letter (or article, if possible) to your local newspaper supporting World AIDS Day.
  • Contact the NAMES Project and bring The AIDS Memorial Quilt to your community.
  • Organize special displays of books and resource materials about HIV/AIDS at your local library.
  • Initiate or particapte in interfaith observances of World AIDS Day in your community.
  • Encourage your work places to display posters, flyers or brochures about HIV/AIDS.
  • Provide Red Ribbons with safety pins to libraries, colleges and coffee shops.
  • Purchase an up-to-date book on HIV/AIDS or a video and give it to your local school, college or public library.


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