The work of DignityUSA on July 26, 2014 is proudly sponsored by Dignity/Washington.
"DIGNITY/WASHINGTON, founded in 1972 and sponsorinbg a weekly Sunday Mass since 1976, warmly welcomes the national Young Adult retreat to its Dignity Center"

DignityUSA National Board Elections Close July 6th

DignityUSA member electronic ballots, as well as chapter and member alternative paper ballots, must be returned by the July 6, 2010, deadline.

Colored paper ballots were mailed to each chapter. If you have not already returned them, please check chapter office or home residence mail boxes or trays.

Over two-thirds of DignityUSA members received the e-mail link to vote electronically. The remaining members received a paper ballot. For couples having but one e-mail address attached to their membership record, the national office e-mailed one ballot and sent one paper ballot.

Any members encountering problems or having issues associated with voting, please contact Lewis Tanner (secretary@dignityusa.org) or Peggy Burns, Operations Manager, (info@dignityusa.org). Or you may call Peggy at 800-877-8797.